Announcing our new location in the Fraser Valley!

We are delighted to announce that we have found a fantastic new location to expand our Dutch culture and language school into the Fraser Valley.

Now offering trial lessons in the Fraser Valley!

This school year we are opening a new location in Surrey! Starting September 29th, we are offering trial lessons for families to come see what we do during our lessons.
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Do you have Dutch grandchildren?
Are your parents Dutch, but your Dutch needs some help?
Do you want your family to connect with your Dutch roots, traditions and heritage?

Register now for our new location in the Fraser Valley!
Where: Maddaugh Elementary, 19405 76 Ave, Surrey
When: Wednesdays 4:00-6:15pm, plus 5 cultural days on Saturdays
Who: Children who want to learn Dutch, age 2.5-12 years
School year: 2021-2022

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Join our growing community of Dutch families!
At De Esdoorn Dutch Language and Culture School, we provide weekly Dutch lessons throughout the school year for people who are learning Dutch as a 2nd language, and also for native Dutch speakers who want to align with the Dutch school system. As part of our school year program, we also hold 5 Dutch Cultural days each year where all of our families come together and celebrate our culture. These are active opportunities for the Dutch language and culture to live and breath among the kids and adults of our community, making Dutch fun!

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