Elementary School Fraser Valley

Following the popularity of our Dutch for Kids Intro class, De Esdoorn is offering a new full school year course in the Fraser Valley!

This course is geared for children in the Fraser Valley and beyond who want to learn Dutch as a 2nd language.

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School fees
If a student joins later in the school year, the cost is pro-rated based on when the student joins the class.

Yes, absolutely. The costs pro-rated based on when the student joins the class.

These weekly lessons are for students who are learning Dutch as a Second Language. We also have courses in the Vancouver for Dutch as a First Language, as well as online term courses for Dutch as a Second Language. Contact us if you want to discuss your specific situation.

While you are dropping off and picking up your child you are very welcome to come and see the class (if you meet our health requirements – see COVID Safety Plan). But when class starts, parents are expected to leave the class.
If there are special circumstances that make it important for you to be in the classroom as parents, we can always talk about this.