Elementary School Online

Elementary School Online

This stream aligns with the Dutch Education system and is for children learning Dutch as a first language (NT1). In these elementary school years we work with Dutch teaching methods and emphasize vocabulary, spelling, language skills, reading comprehension and writing.

During the lessons various learning forms and Dutch teaching materials are used.
In group 2 we work with the ‘Treasury’ teaching method. This teaching method fits in seamlessly with our ‘Uk & Puk’ toddler method.
In group 3, students learn to read and write using the ‘Safe Learning to Read’ method.
From group 4 onwards, the students work in the ‘Language Active’ method where all language components come together.

All teaching methods are in line with the core objectives of Dutch education.

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Yes, absolutely. After an intake appointment with the Director and teacher, the most suitable group will be found for you and the costs pro-rated based on when the student joins the class.

School fees
If a student joins later in the school year, the cost is pro-rated based on when the student joins the class.

These weekly lessons are only for students who speak and understand Dutch. We also offer lessons for students who do not speak Dutch, but these take place at a different time. For more information, see: lessons –> Dutch as a Second Language.