New Groups in Surrey

We are currently busy expanding the school. There is a lot of demand for lessons in the Surrey area. We are also looking for locations in North Vancouver and Maple Ridge.

We have found a possible location to begin lessons in March or September 2021. Contact us now and indicate the locations and dates you want!

You can also start a Private Lesson, or join the Dutch as a First Language kids groups in Vancouver.

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Yes, absolutely. After an intake appointment with the Director and teacher, the most suitable group will be found for you and the costs pro-rated based on when the student joins the class.

This will depend on when the lesson begins.

Our full-year 2019-2020 school year courses cost $1700 per year (120 teaching hours + 5 culture days – some culture days carry additional costs, such as Sinterklaas).If a course starts later in the school year, the cost is pro-rated based on when the class is formed.

We are forming classes for students who speak and do not speak Dutch. Contact us!