Preschool North Shore Vancouver

For children on Vancouver’s North Shore who want to learn Dutch!

This course is geared for preschool and kindergarten aged children in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and beyond who want to learn Dutch.


We are launching this is new course to begin on January 10th 2023, and running through June, with a two-week break over spring break.

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For January 10 – June 20 2023, the cost is $1075 for ~44 lesson hours plus 3 Dutch cultural days.
If a student joins later in the school year, the cost is pro-rated based on when the student joins the class.

Yes, absolutely. The costs pro-rated based on when the student joins the class.

While you are dropping off and picking up your child you are very welcome to come and see the class. But when class starts, parents are expected to leave the class.
If there are special circumstances that make it important for you to be in the classroom as parents, we can always talk about this.