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De Esdoorn is a Dutch Language and Culture School with locations in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada. The school was founded in 2015, is the first Dutch school in Canada the Foundation for Dutch Education Worldwide (NOB – Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs in het Buitenland), and is registered as the non-profit organization ‘De Esdoorn – Dutch Language and Culture School Society’.


We are currently fundraising for:
Classroom Mediakit
During the pandemic it became clear that there is a need to update our classroom technology to make our programs even better.


De Esdoorn also accepts regular donations, and we are very grateful to our generous donors.

Donations can be e-transfered to:

Or cheques made out to: De Esdoorn Dutch Language and Culture School Society, 2958 West 20th Avenue, Vancouver BC, V6L 1H5, Canada

Our happy parents

School Calendar
Check out our school calendar, including our 5 Dutch culture days.