Introducing…the 2019/2020 de Esdoorn Bestuur

We have a new member of the bestuur, as well as a newly appointed leader and secretaris. 

At our AGM on June 17th, Harri de Wijze stepped into the role of leader of the Board to replace Sandra Poppema who stepped down after co-founding the school and four years of service on the Board. We wish Sandra success in her new focus of horse training.

Harri, who has been on the Board of de Esdoorn for two years, brings to his new role several years of experience in managing schools, and we look forward to his fresh approach. Sandra van Ark joins the Board as Secretary after serving as School Director for the last 3 years. Maartje van der Sande remains as Treasurer, her second year in the role.

De Esdoorn’s first non-Dutch Board member, Lia Gudaitis, also joined the Board for the 2019/2020 school year, and will focus on communications.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held once a year to pass the budget for the following year and vote on new members for the Board of Directors. The AGM is attended by all Board of Directors and all teachers of de Esdoorn. The Board of Directors meets every two weeks and is responsible for the management of the school’s budget, finances and oversight. The newly appointed Director, Eline Naaijkens, attends all Board meetings and is responsible for the daily running of the school and management of all staff.

Interested in joining de Esdoorn’s Board of Directors? Please contact us and tell us about yourself.