Sinterklaas Festival

On Saturday November 30, 2024, Sinterklaas will visit Vancouver!

Sinterklaas 2024 is being organised by De Esdoorn, the Dutch Network (Dutch-Canadian Cultural Society) and the BCABC (Belgian Canadian Association of BC). The celebration is from 11AM till 2PM at 505 East 46th Avenue. The arrival of Sinterklaas and the Pieten will be held in the same location as last year but this year we have double the space available. Sinterklaas is looking forward to welcoming Dutch and Belgian families from the greater Vancouver area.

Tickets are now on sale! From November 6th, the ticket sale will also open for families who are not affiliated with De Esdoorn.

Ticket includes fun activities for the children, a Kids Talent Show (Sinterklaas would like to see your special sport, music, singing or art talent or anything else you want to perform) and of course a Meet and Greet with Sinterklaas and the Pieten. There will be plenty of pepernoten, speculaas and freshly baked poffertjes available during the celebration. At the end of the event all the children will receive a surprise.

If you want to be sure of a place, buy your tickets now as soon as possible! Limited quantities available.

Will Sinterklaas is come again this year?

In 2022, we celebrated Sinterklaas’ birthday at De Esdoorn’s Vancouver location!

First the children and their families were welcomed by the Piets. While they waited for Sinterklaas to arrive, there were all kinds of games ready for the children to play, and music to dance to and sing-along. Then the “mayor” (Vancouver Consul-General Sebastiaan Messerschmidt) came to announce Sinterklaas’ arrival. Together with the Test-Piet, all the children and new piets passed the “Pieto-test” (a play on the “Cito-tests”, a mandatory test children complete in the Netherlands when they are 12 years old). Everyone passed the test…eventually 🙂
Well done everyone!

Afterwards, all of the children had their chance to visit Sinterklaas and have their picture taken with him.

It was a fantastic day, full of fun, pepernoten, games, poffertjes and Sinterklaas songs.

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2024-11-30 2024-11-30 Pacific/Midway Sinterklaas Festival Sinterklaas is a rich and important tradition in the Netherlands and Belgium, and each year he is invited to come to Canada with the Piets to visit. Will he come again this year? Not indicated
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