De Esdoorn Dutch Language and Culture School welcomes two new members to the Board of Directors

Introducing our newest board members

The new members’ background in HR and Communication will strengthen the board to implement our five-year school plan.

Angelique Bikkers–van Nugteren

Angelique BikkersEarly 2019, Angelique, her husband, and their two teenage sons decided to leave their hometown of Breda, in The Netherlands, and settle in West Vancouver. Before this, Angelique was a dedicated Human Resources teacher at Avans University of Applied Sciences. Her role was not limited to teaching and coaching students; she was a key player in developing a new HR curriculum, a project that involved students, the business community, and her fellow teachers.

Angelique gained a bachelor’s degree in HR Management and a Master’s degree in Educational Sciences and also recently completed an ICF coaching course at the University of British Columbia. Next to her previous job as a teacher, she brings extensive experience in various HR-related topics. She currently works independently as a career coach and consultant, helping individuals and teams with HR and education-related issues. Learn more >>>.

Angelique’s experience with learning abroad is extensive. Her children have been studying Dutch through different online educational institutions, and this year, her youngest son joined De Esdoorn. This has further strengthened her bond with the school.

Angelique eagerly looks forward to leveraging her extensive Human Resources experience and educational knowledge as a board member at De Esdoorn. She is excited about the prospect of collaborating with other board members, the school director, and the teachers to enhance the professional standards of the rapidly growing Dutch school.

Maria Paula Murad

Maria Paula MuradAt the end of 2013, Maria Paula, and her husband, Robert, moved from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Vancouver. Before then, Maria Paula worked in corporate communications in Brazil, where she was involved in numerous activities, for employers and clients, such as: She worked with Alcoa to implement public relations and online marketing initiatives. At Casas Bahia, Maria Paula created content for internal communication, email marketing, and campaigns. At Alto Astral, she was part of the team that launched the company’s digital marketing department.

Once in Canada, Maria Paula worked in the International Education industry, including roles at GV English Centres and ILSC Education Group. She believes this experience will be relevant for her Marketing & Communications role with De Esdoorn’s board. In the past three years, she has been the Founder and President of Studio DMLA Digital Marketing Inc., a digital marketing agency, partnering with the best in each field from Brazil and locally to deliver digital solutions to Canadian organizations. Learn more >>>

Maria Paula has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Portuguese is her native language, and she is proficient in English and Spanish. Her interest in the Dutch language and culture stemmed from her being married to a Dutch guy and her seven-year-old son joining De Esdoorn last year. MP will also be joining Dutch lessons for adults, experiencing the school classes firsthand.

Maria Paula looks forward to contributing to the growth and reputation of De Esdoorn online. With such a great school and community, she will help to ensure the school is well-positioned in the digital space. She also looks forward to collaborating with other board members, the school director, and the teachers to achieve this goal.

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