About De Esdoorn’s library

Our library has grown into an amazing collection of over a thousand books. It is a mix of beautiful old gems and brand new books. In addition to reading books, our collection also includes comic books, audio books, games, cookbooks, letter cases and those who still need them, DVD and CD-ROMs.

As a student from De Esdoorn, you also get access to an online membership with the Dutch public library via De Esdoorn. With that membership you can borrow and read books on an e-reader or tablet.

A large part of the library consists of toddler and nursery books, with well-known titles and authors such as Miffy, Sesame Street, Pinkeltje and Kikker, but also many unknown books that are very worthwhile to read. In December our librarian will also bring Sinterklaas and Christmas books.

Before and after the Christmas, Spring and Summer holidays, our librarian sends an email to all parents to request the return of the loaned books that have not yet been returned. Hopefully you can enjoy the collection at your leisure.


Not a student at De Esdoorn?

For a yearly donation (suggested minimum: $25) you can now borrow books via our librarian. The collection of around 1000+ books is the best collection of Dutch books for children in Canada (that we know of). Any donations and payments go to [email protected]

Questions? Contact our librarian via email: [email protected]

About our Librarian

Linda Schwab Kuik
I was born and raised in the far north of the Netherlands. During my studies I met my Canadian husband and moved to Vancouver in 2001. Both of my daughters attend de Esdoorn.

I was thrilled to hear that there was a Dutch school in Vancouver. One of my reasons to enrol my daughters with the Dutch school is the library. It’s hard to find Dutch kids books in Canadian bookshops. Now I feel privileged managing our growing library with over 2000 books. Every week it is a joy to see our students take them home in order to improve their Dutch.

So if you would like to borrow some Dutch kids books or would like to donate your Dutch kids literature please contact me at [email protected]