Our 3rd Dutch Cultural Day changes year to year!

In 2023 and 2022 in the morning we ‘skated’ the Elfstedentocht, with a game course along all Frisian cities from the tour: sjoelen, koekhappen, icicle-pooping, sneeuwpopje-prick-je and much more!

After lunch we put on our skates with all the families and had a great time skating. It was fantastic to see so much fun on the ice. After a cup of hot chocolate, the culture day ended, although some children could have skated all day. It was a great day!

In 2019, we celebrated Easter as a Dutch Cultural Day. In 2020, we went ice skating instead to better spread out our cultural days, and celebrate the Eleven Cities Tour. Due to COVID restrictions, in 2021 we held our first Dutch Art cultural day.

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2025-2-8 2025-2-8 UTC-8 Skating Not indicated
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