Children’s Books Week

Every year it is exciting to discover what the Children’s Book Week will be about.

About Children’s Books Week

Since 1955, Children’s Books Week has been an annual event across the Netherlands to promote Dutch children’s books. Schools, libraries and day cares organize various activities to promote the event, and each year there is a theme.

Every year our event follows the Children’s Book Week theme. In 2021, the theme was “Professions”, and the Primary School children prepared information booths on different professions for the Preschool and Kindergarten children to visit.

In 2020 the theme was “And then?” (history), and the event was held at the Vancouver Maritime Museum where an exhibit was being held in honour of 75 years since the Canadian Armed forces liberated the Netherlands.

In 2019 the theme was travel! De Esdoorn students worked hard and made a grand exhibit of their drawings, comics, stories, and books, all in the theme of travel. Thanks to the help of our parents, our space was magically transformed into an exhibit. There was an official opening by the students for all the families, and delicious treats to eat and drink.

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2024-10-12 2024-10-12 Pacific/Midway Children’s Books Week Since 1955, Children's Book Week has been an annual event across the Netherlands to promote Dutch children's books, and De Esdoorn joins this tradition! Not indicated
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