Children’s Books Week — on a boat!

This year we had the pleasure of holding Children’s Books Week at the Vancouver Maritime Museum, where an exhibit was being held in honour of 75 years since the Canadian Armed forces liberated the Netherlands.

De Esdoorn is more than a language school, it’s a Dutch culture school that brings families together to connect with our Dutch heritage. Each year we hold five Dutch Cultural Days as part of our school program.

The first Dutch Cultural Day of the school year aligns with Kinderboekenweek in the Netherlands: Children’s Books Week. Since 1955, Children’s Books Week has been an annual event across the Netherlands to promote Dutch children’s books. Schools, libraries and day cares organize various activities to promote the event, and each year has a theme.

This year’s theme was ‘En toen?’ (And, then?). Our primary school groups started with a dive into Dutch history. They talked about the first Dutch people in America, and made posters about important Dutch historical people and wrote stories and drew pictures, imagining what it would be like to go back to their time. The kindergarteners and preschoolers also learned about Dutch history, played old Dutch games, made Delft blue plates and much more!

The kids’ posters were exhibited at the Vancouver Maritime Museum for all the parents to see. The most original stories were awarded the Golden and Silver Quill, and the most beautiful drawings were awarded the Golden and Silver Brush. After an official opening, families were free to visit the museum and climb aboard the St. Roch.

The day was organized by De Esdoorn’s fantastic team of teachers and our events committee — thanks to the whole team and to the Maritime Museum for such a successful day!

Interested in joining a Dutch Cultural Day?
Prospective families are welcome to come have a taste of what our school is about! Join one of our 5 annual Dutch Cultural Days.
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