Health Check-in App

De Esdoorn is committed to providing everyone a safe school environment for students, staff, teachers and the greater community. As part of our COVID-19 Safety Plan, all students are required to do a Health Check-in before entering the school.

Step 1 Download the Clear 360 app
When you register for Clear360, you will need an Organization ID to identify the school.
Our assigned Organization ID is: 10000069

Step 2 – Do a daily health check-in for each student
On the day of your lesson, check-in each student using the app.

Don’t have a smartphone? You can always manually submit a printed check-in on the day of your lesson.

About the Clear360 pilot

Over the next few months, De Esdoorn will be participating in a Pilot program of an innovative health management solution from Darwin Labs called Clear360. Clear360 is a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and designed to help schools:

  • Automate and simplify check-in clearances to reduce crowding, waiting and administrative errors
  • Complete anonymous daily health check-ins, in line with Official School and Health guidelines
  • Improve Crisis response – with real time alerts, action lists and protocols for incidents

The Clear360 solution consists of three components:

  1. Mobile App: a smartphone app (for iOS and Android) used to perform a health check-in the day of class (Parents can check in multiple children)
  2. Clear360 Cloud: collects and analyzes submitted symptom data using advanced decision logic.
  3. Web Dashboard: a secure, web-based application used by our De Esdoorn team that provides real-time health risk reporting of our students, staff and overall school environment.

The Pilot will be rolled out during the September 14th to 17th timeframe, in anticipation of our first day of classes. Participation is optional, you can opt-out at any time and manually submit a printed check-in the day of a class.

As a parent or guardian of our students, your participation and feedback is essential for this program’s success, as we all work together to return our students safely back to school.

Thanks to each of you for participating in this opportunity that will allow us to return to — and maintain — a safe school environment.