Francoise and Johanne

Francoise and Johanne

When I enter De Esdoorn, everything has a Dutch twist to it. Our children have never lived in the Netherlands, and every week at De Esdoorn our their knowledge of the Dutch language and culture grows.

Reinier and Lia

We are a Dutch-Canadian family who lived in the Netherlands for 10 years. When we moved back to Canada, we were worried that our two young children would loose their Dutch language and culture. We worried that forcing them to speak Dutch at home would turn them off the language. At De Esdoorn learning Dutch […]

Floris and Maartje

We arrived in Vancouver three years ago, and since then our 3 children have been taking lessons at De Esdoorn. We are so grateful that there is a Dutch school in Vancouver, so that our children not only get Dutch culture from home, but also every week at school.