Ines Djafarian

Human Sciences
Examination Committee

Teacher at De Esdoorn since 2022.

My name is Ines. I was born in Antwerp, Belgium where I also graduated. At the age of 18 with a Permanent Resident card in my pocket I moved to Vancouver. My first job in Vancouver was a receptionist and shop assistant, where I became manager of my location after a few months. Two years later I switched to the position of Office Manager. In 2019 I met my partner. Together we have a son, who is almost 1.5 years old. He will be a future student of De Esdoorn.

As a teenager, I worked with young children in horseback riding camps a lot and I also gave riding lessons. Now I still ride horses, but no longer compete and I enjoy walking with my family and our dog Harley.

Since my son’s birth I have become deeply involved in various educational techniques including Montessori which I find and study in books and online.
I grew up in a family where we valued bringing out the best of yourself and others.

I look forward to working with the other teachers to build the North Shore Vancouver location as a centre where it is fun and educational for the children.