Flipping the classroom

This has been a year of change for everyone. At De Esdoorn, we have 4 new teachers, a new adult online beginner course, and several new families joining our preschool and primary school groups. We have also resumed in-class learning, but want to enable online options for students who are staying home, not feeling well or need to self-isolate due to travel. 

Our solution? Flipping the classroom.

The ‘flipped classroom’ is a type of blended learning where students are introduced to content at home and practice working through it at school. At De Esdoorn, teachers record and post instructional videos to help with assigned homework, and at school they receive guided practice and direct feedback.   

This model is great for multi-level groups, ensuring each student gains enough instruction and feedback on their work. It also means students who are unable to come to school, due to health or self-isolation requirements, can continue their learning at the same pace of the class.

Interested in seeing our flipped classroom in practice? Visit esdoorn.ca/en/lessons Or contact Naomi: [email protected]