Bastiënne de Graaff

Bastiënne de Graaff

BEd (Bachelor of Education)
Teacher Training in Primary Education (PABO)
Hogeschool Utrecht

Head Teacher at De Esdoorn since 2022

My name is Bastiënne de Graaf and I have been living in Vancouver since July 2022. In primary school I discovered that I love to help others with learning. By High School, I knew then that I wanted to be a teacher. After my post-secondary studies I went to do my Teacher Training in Utrecht and graduated in 2022. During my training I also obtained my ‘Teaching English as a Foreign Language’ and my qualification to teach PE at primary school.

After completing my studies, I immediately left for Vancouver to teach at De Esdoorn. During my studies, I walked a number of times at schools with children who had little or no knowledge of the Dutch language. I enjoyed helping these children to learn Dutch.

I always enjoy the learning process of children. Every child learns in a different way and pace. I believe that children can also learn a lot from each other. You will also see in my less that I use cooperative working methods and ask children to help each other.

Working at De Esdoorn is a great fit for me. I find it fun and interesting to teach the children in Canada about the Dutch language and culture.

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