Kids lesson packages

We have group lessons and private lessons geared to children across Canada who are learning Dutch. In these online lessons, children learn Dutch reading, speaking and writing. Private lessons are tailor-made for individuals or small groups and can be delivered online, at your home or office.

With the help of the “Hotel Hello” teaching method, we offer students the basics of the Dutch language. We encourage parents to also speak Dutch at home with their child(ren), so that students are exposed to the Dutch language on a daily basis. A pupil does not have to speak or understand Dutch for these beginner lessons.

Is a group class not ideal for you? We also offer private lessons. Whether in a small group, or individually, our teachers can come to your home to teach your children Dutch.

We are starting new online courses now, available to children across Canada (times shown are in Pacific, add 1 hour for Calgary, 3 hours for Toronto, etc.):

Children age 4-6: Saturday morning 8:00-9:00am PST
Children age 7-11: Saturday morning 9:00-10:00 PST

Where: Online lessons
Who: Children across Canada who would like to improve their Dutch speaking, reading and writing abilities.
Costs: School fees

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Yes! These lessons have been specifically setup for children across Canada to join. As Canada’s only official Dutch school (accredited by NOB – Dutch Education Worldwide) we offer high quality lessons with a fully certified Dutch teacher.

This weekly lesson is meant for students who do not already speak or understand Dutch. Join us!

Nothing is necessary, but De Esdoorn advises to ensure continuity in the lessons. On average, pupils taking private lessons receive lessons once a week, 1.5 hours per lesson. The length and amount of lessons is determined in an intake interview between parents and teacher.


De Esdoorn will first see if the student in question fits within our group education. If this is not possible and / or inappropriate due to certain circumstances, private lessons are available.
These decisions are always made in consultation with parents, director and teacher.


This weekly lesson is meant for students who do not already speak or understand Dutch. Join us!